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14th April 2017

Good Friday - music and meditation
10:30- 11:45
Today is Good Friday - strangely named in a way because this is the day in the year when Christians all over the world remember that Jesus Christ was falsely convicted, crucified, but raised to life three days later. In this amazing event, Bible prophecies were fulfilled, confirming that Jesus Christ (Messiah) is the true Saviour of God who would save His people from their sins. It is an amazing message of hope. This year we are doing something different so far as our Good Friday service is concerned. Our pianist will be playing a mixture of music to fit the special meaning of the day, including some hymns for us all to sing. He will explain the music, its history and meaning. The service will also include prayer and a short meditation from the Easter story. Why not come and experience this for yourself! You are very welcome.


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