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Why should I believe?

Where do you look if you want to ask some questions about the Christian faith?

I guess we can answer this in a number of ways. As the pastor of Oasis, I am more than happy to meet and talk to you informally. There is also much to read and if you are seriously wanting to explore what Christianity has to say, I would encourage you to read further. In addition to encouraging you to read the Bible itself - starting with the gospels and Acts of the Apostles - there are plenty of excellent books and web sites where you can listen to talks or read articles that tackle some of the big questions, which include some of the objections that people sometimes raise about what they believe to be the teachings of the Christian faith.

Two web sites I can particularly recommend (out of the many available) are the following:

1) The 'rejesus' web site gives you all kinds of options, including following a series of on-line topics that cover the life of Jesus and so much more. www.rejesus.com

2) The 'be thinking' site is aimed at presenting arguments for Christianity in response to some of the tough questions. Although it is a web site intended for Christians, there is every reason why someone wanting to know more about Christianity should take a good look at what it has to offer. There are three levels of talks - fairly short to more academic and in-depth. The site includes many on-line lectures. So, if you want to get to grips with some of life's big questions and to see what Christians have to say about them, this is one place to start if you want to take a more theoretical approach! See www.bethinking.org

If you would like to visit a Christian bookshop, do visit 'Books Alive' in Elm Drive, Hove. 

Oasis is also offering some free books which give a readable and helpful introduction to these subjects. Information about these book offers is available on this web site. New titles are also coming on stream, so if you want to read something that doesn't seem to be covered, please ask.

Also, the church in the UK runs some short courses that introduce the Christian faith to people who want to know more. These are known as 'Alpha' and 'Christianity Explored.' Details of the Alpha course are also on this web site although you can find out more still from the main Alpha web site.


Andrew Edwards