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Creation Waits

Creation Waits - A poem written 15 years or more ago, expressing the frustration of deforestation but the Christian hope of ultimate renewal.


His Spirit mourns across cavernous lands wth foliage deep and green,

He hears all kinds of tremors, from creatures scarcely seen.

Whistles, shrieks and every sound rain down upon His ear,

Echoing that forest life was first given its habitat here.


Few stately homes of distant lands have pillars to compare,

Nor a canopy so broad and strong eclipsing sunlight's stare.

Her magnificence and splendour are nature's to endow,

She need not fear the lion, but man killing the 'sacred cow.'


The roots are torn, the trunks are cut, the branches given to burn,

God clothed this child and gave it life, why must man His goodness spurn?

So shadows weep far out of sight, not just for falling leaf,

But that Christ their Lord should suffer long, once more on the cross of a thief.


Yet, His acqueous tones shall soothe her furrowed brow,

redemption'sday is planned,

He comes with Heaven's mighty throng, to bring new life, new land.

Upon His Word will her wounds be healed, her forest no more be riven,

Eden's glory at last returned, ransomed, freed and forgiven.


Andrew Edwards

There is much in the Bible that speaks of man's stewardship of the earth, right at the beginning of Genesis, the frist book in the Old Testament. The Apostle Paul, writing to the Romans (Chapter 8:19-22), also speaks powerfully of creation itself waiting to be "liberated from its bondage to decay." All this points to one of Christianity's central promises, that God will ultimately renew all creation (1 Peter 3:10-13).