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A child awakens

A child awakens, a smile on her face,

The darkened room, a familiar place.

Strange shapes lay amassed at the foot of her bed,

Her heart leaps for joy – she clutches Ted.


She is greeted with joy and warm embraces,

A kiss from her parents with love in their faces.

They share her joy as each gift is found

Paper torn off, the treasure unbound.

Each gift has been chosen with love and care

The child’s delight their joy to share.


All night the young woman has struggled with pain

In dimly lit stable, on straw she has lain.

With a pain wrenching cry her son is born

In the early hours one darkened morn.

 Son of God, Son of Man

The Chosen One to fulfil God’s plan.

Born through pain, in pain to die

On a cruel cross lifted high.


But now, held close in arms of love,

God’s gift of love from heaven above.

He feeds: he sleeps, nestled close to his mother.

This babe, my Saviour, King and brother.

Gifts wrapped in paper and given with joy,

God’s gift clothed in flesh – a newborn boy.

Look beyond the glitter of worldly things

And receive the gift that Jesus brings.