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Easter Message

Easter week is a special time in the Christian calendar, when Christians across the world remember the events of Jesus' death and resurrection. It begins on Palm Sunday as we remember the journey he made into Jerusalem, amidst the crowd who laid palm branches before him. He came not as a mighty warrior nor as a Roman emperor, but humbly on a donkey to fulfil all that the Old Testament prophecies foretold about the Messiah King, whom God would send to redeem the world.

Much of the four gospels are given over the the events of the last week of Jesus' ministry, because the events and their meaning are so significant and central to the Christian faith. These events were real. Jesus would be arrested, wrongly accused and unjustly put to a terrible death. That is what we remember on what is called Good Friday. We think about the horror of the cross, but also its meaning. Through the death of His Son, God would grant the gift of forgiveness and new life, to all who would believe. Man's false judgement on Jesus Christ was death, but God's righteous judgement was life, for His sinless Son who laid down his life for us all. And so on Easter Sunday, Christians rejoice that Jesus was raised from death to life, and that the tomb that once held his broken body, was empty. He had risen and He now lives! For since that resurrection day, Christians all over the world have been encountering that same risen and glorified Jesus Christ.

Come and share with us as we remember the Easter story, and take time to think about what it means to people like us living in 2017.  Do we need a Saviour? When we look at the world right now, we know we do. When we look into our own hearts, we can have no doubt.

If you can't make it but would like to read more, let us know. It would be great to see you otherwise.

A happy and blessed Easter.

Andrew (Pastor)

Two paintings from people in the church this Easter time, beginning with Jesus' final entry into Jerusalem, known as Palm Sunday...
















The empty tomb - He is risen!!